Media & Games Invest Posts 65% Growth

Fourth quarter finances are out.

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Enad Global 7 Posts 193% Growth

Lods of emone. Probably.

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Netmarble Profits Take Hit In Q3

Operating profit down 70%.

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Netmarble Announces Q2 Finances

For the second quarter of 2021.

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Google Showers Stadia Developers In Cash

Revenue splits to incentivize anyone to use the platform.

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Netmarble Sales Sluggish, But Up

Q1 financial report.

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NCSoft Sales Drop 30% In Q1 2021

While operating income drops 77%.

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Facts From the Enad7 Annual Report

On this episode of Attack of the Fiscal Dockets!

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Netmarble Posts $2.1 Billion Revenue

They made a lot of money.

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Aion Classic Drives NCSoft Sales

NCSoft releases Q4 sales.

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