Stadia: ESO Players To Transfer To PC Client

Hope y’all have a gaming PC.

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Stadia Is Dead, Another Dead Google Service

Google abandons yet another service.

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Google Stadia Coming To Mexico

This year.

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Bad GaaS: Stadia Click To Play Is A Must

What the platform should have aimed for.

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OFM #7: Old Man Issues

Never get old in the brain.

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Stadia Lost Director of Product Managment

Back in September.

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Google Showers Stadia Developers In Cash

Revenue splits to incentivize anyone to use the platform.

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Stadia Comes As Free AT&T Pack-In

With an eligible fiber plan or phone purchase.

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Outriders Servers Buckle On Launch Day

Everyone wants to play Outriders. Less can play it.

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Stadia: Free Stadia With Resident Evil VIII

Buy Resident Evil, get a free Chromecast.

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