Google Stadia Coming To Mexico

This year.

Google Stadia is coming to the land down under this year, and I’m not talking about Australia. It’s Mexico, you people who didn’t read the headline. According to a post on the official Stadia blog, not only is Stadia streaming being made available on Samsung 2022 smart televisions, the service is coming to Mexico.

All you jugador empedernidos will finally be able to stream games, get access to click to play trials, and I guess that’s it. It will require a connection speed of about 10 megabits.

As revealed moments ago within the Google for Mexico livestream event, later this year we’ll be expanding support for Stadia to include Mexico, making it our 23rd officially supported country. Players with a supported connection will be able to try gaming for the first time or dive into their favorite titles on the compatible devices they already own. That includes a library of more than 250 games, 70+ Click to Play Trials and more exciting titles launching this year on the Stadia store.

More info to come later this year. For everyone still reading this, now would be the time to queue up in the comments to drop a “I didn’t know Stadia was still running, lol.”

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