Darkpaw Dissolves Drunder, Deletes Data

Bans everyone.

Drunder is a server name we haven’t heard in a long time here at MMO Fallout. For those of you not around roughly seven years ago, Drunder became a prison server of sorts for EverQuest 2. A digital Australia if you will. A place where players could be permanently exiled for misbehavior in lieu of Sony Online Entertainment simply permanently banning their accounts. It was also a place players could be damned to on purpose if they wished.

Well Drunder is no more, and as usual Daybreak may have gone about it in the worst possible way. The recent dissolving of the server was brought to our attention by EQ2Wire, who noted that all characters and accounts sent to Drunder have been unceremoniously banned. From everything, including Daybreak’s other games.


The customer support page for Drunder acknowledged the change, as does a short announcement on the forums.

*Drunder was retired on June 28, 2022 at 12:00PM PDT. This page remains as a reference to what this server was.

Daybreak’s sudden decision to shut down the Drunder server and ban all associated accounts, after years of allowing them to continue and more importantly pay for services in Daybreak’s games, reeks of fraud. Players are being told to contact customer service, an odd statement as Drunder accounts do not have access to customer service. Doing so would require a dummy account, which is acknowledged as being against Daybreak’s terms of service.

We would like to presume Daybreak wouldn’t ban a dummy account for following instructions and contacting customer service on behalf of a Drunder account, but with Daybreak there are no guarantees. Most banks and credit card companies give roughly a 120 day limit to dispute charges, and filing a fraud complaint may be the only choice for those who Daybreak refuses to assist. We recommend attempting to contact customer support to have the account unbanned before taking such action, as at the very least a refusal will provide paperwork to supply to your bank.

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