Eve Valkyrie (Un)Officially Retired

Game pulled from sale.

EVE: Valkyrie is a first person spaceship shooter released by CCP Games in 2016 and subsequently abandoned by CCP Games in 2017. Because if there’s one thing CCP Games is known for, it’s long term support for any of their games not called Eve Online. The game has since sat on Steam in a period of stasis for over four years until today, when CCP Games pulled the plug completely.

Try to ignore the five years they were still selling it for $30 despite ending development. As of now the store page gives the usual “At the request of the publisher, EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone is no longer available for sale on Steam.” Both the game and its DLC are no longer available for purchase.

Incidentally, CCP Games has not acknowledged this at all. The Twitter account has been inactive since 2020, as has the Facebook page, and the Steam news page since 2019. To the best of our research CCP Games has not acknowledged or announced the game going off sale anywhere. The game is still buyable on the PlayStation Store, as well as the Oculus store as of this publishing.

We will keep you tuned on any developments.

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