Lost Ark Admits Heartbreak Tasks Are Boring

Reduces time.

June’s update has come and is here for Lost Ark, and one of the new content pieces rolled out is the Heartbreak Island seasonal event. Now Heartbreak Island isn’t difficult as an event themed around chilling out, the three daily tasks literally just ask you to stand in a spot and wait until a timer pops down while rotating events just want you to dance and maybe fight a big boss. Unfortunately people aren’t taking quite well to those waiting tasks, because each one demands players stand around for three minutes doing absolutely nothing.

Not a long time in the sense of MMOs, but more than enough to grind some gears. Thankfully the folks at Amazon and Smilegate responded quite quickly, and with the January 2 hotfix will reduce the time for each daily quest from three minutes to 30 seconds. Happy now?

Lowered the time it takes to complete each daily quest on Heartbeat Island from 3 minutes to 30 seconds.

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