Last Oasis Dev Says It Sucks

Is working on making it better.

Last Oasis sucks” is a comment you’d expect to see on the forums or in a review by a jilted player. It’s not quite something you expect to not just come from the developer itself, but headline an update news piece. Last Oasis designer Chadz took to Steam to post a rather simple statement; Last Oasis sucks. And he should know, he designed it.

The good news is that Last Oasis is coming out with Season 5: LOverhaul and Chadz is loving it. He does admit that a lot of people are probably not going to like the update, the ones who thought that the game was perfect the way it is. The focus on the game is going to shift more toward PvE, and by that I mean making the game brutally difficult and kicking the crap out of the player at any given opportunity.

LOverhaul has a strong focus on PVE. And the PVE is brutal. The world is in every way trying to actively kill you. The sun will make you constantly struggle for survival. Water is precious. Massive, deadly sandstorms can catch you off guard. Aggressive Rupu are roaming the lands, not only attacking you, but also your structures and your walker – should you even get that far. And if you think those are hard to deal with, wait until you encounter the ones in camps or those manning siege equipment.

More details on the ongoing beta test can be found at the official announcement.

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