Crossfire X Is Being Abandoned In May

Smilegate could barely muster support for a full year.

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Lost Ark Admits Heartbreak Tasks Are Boring

Reduces time.

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Lost Ark Details Another Compensation Pack

So soon? So soon.

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Lost Ark: New Class Every Two Months

For the rest of 2022.

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Lost Ark Tidies Express Mission Event

After player feedback.

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GaaS: Did You Notice Lost Ark’s Pass Price?

Funny thing about that.

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Lost Ark Talks Upcoming Classes/Updates

April/May roadmap revealed.

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Lost Ark To Further Limit Untrusted Accounts

To battle bots.

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Lost Ark Apologizes Over False Positives

Promises to do better.

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Lost Ark Pulls Some Gold Rewards

To combat bots.

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