Lost Ark Details Another Compensation Pack

So soon? So soon.

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Update Issues Force MapleStory Into Extended Maintenance

Bad pixel party? Nah, bad you.

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LOTRO/DDO Maintenance Extends Into Day 3

Both Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online are entering their third day of maintenance as maintenance on both game’s data centers has hit a bit of a snafu. Both games were taken down for maintenance on March 6, however it became apparent during that maintenance that there were more issues than expected. The completion time has now been extended from its initial 22 hours into its third day.

As posted on Twitter, the current estimated completion time is 2:00 p.m. on Friday March 8.


Alganon Has Not Been Sunset, Is Still Planning A Comeback

Alganon isn’t dead, it’s merely resting.

You may be surprised to read that Alganon’s servers went down for maintenance and migration in November 2017 and haven’t been up since. In that time, Derek Smart’s company 3000AD has bought out Quest Online and now owns the Alganon game, the company is moving its servers to cloud-based servers, and there are apparently plans to kick the advertising back in once the game goes live again.

When will that be? After over a year, it’s not entirely set in stone. Derek Smart posted a couple of weeks back to confirm that the migration is still a work in progress.

The biggest problem that Alganon has is that it is an MMO. So you can’t just turn it off, unplug the servers, then plug it it back in. It has been running on legacy servers for many years; and when 3000AD bought it from QOL, I made the decision to not only move it to cloud servers, but also to make certain revisions along the way.

In addition to that, the game never really had that much marketing since 2012; so not a lot of people knew about about other than than the 250K+ accounts who already knew about it. So I’ve also been working with several parties on partnership deals which would see a territorial release as well as targeted marketing for it’s eventual relaunch.

Those of you who were around since the start, will also remember that I did the same thing back in 2010 when I took over the game. It was subscription based etc. It went offline for some time while it was being retooled for F2P etc. It later relaunched as F2P[qol.com], (I also refunded all subscriptions paid up to that time), then we added PvP[qol.com] etc

The game has not been sunset or I would have announced it as such. It’s coming back as soon as everything that I’m working on completes. Yes, it’s taken some time, but that’s how these things go. Plus, we’re not like other larger companies that handle MMO games, and thus have lots of people, resources, and money to do things like this within a reasonable time frame.

Source: Steam

Exploit Knocks Secret World Legends Into Extended Downtime

What originally began as a simple maintenance downtime has resulted in the Secret World Legends servers being offline for much of the day, with services now expected to resume at 5pm eastern. The downtime originates from an exploit discovered in the game that allowed players to generate mass quantities of currency. As a result, Funcom has taken the servers down for an extended period of time to figure out what to do about the exploit and to deal with the spread of bad currency being injected into the economy.

We’re terribly sorry for any inconvenience caused by today’s extended maintenance. As some of you may know by now, there was an issue discovered with the Exchange and it’ll take time to come up with a proper solution to both the underlying issue and the effects it may have caused. Today’s maintenance period has been extended until at least 17:00 EDT / 21:00 UTC (please correct me if the conversion is wrong somehow) and we’ll try to keep you in the loop on any other developments. Patch notes will be posted on the official website at www.secretworldlegends.com once the servers are back up.

While the exploit itself wasn’t dealt with until this downtime, Funcom reacted quickly after learning of its existence and was able to disable to auction house to avoid further complications. For now, the servers aren’t expected to come back up until 5pm at the earliest.

(Source: Reddit)

Arc Will Experience Platform-Wide Maintenance 10/19


Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the Arc platform will be offline for 7 hours tomorrow. The maintenance will affect all titles on the service.

Arc will be undergoing a scheduled maintenance at 5AM Pacific on 10/19/2016. The maintenance will be for approximately 7 hours. Our engineers will be performing server updates and upgrades during which some web services and games may be delayed or temporarily unavailable. If additional time is needed, we will provide up-to-date information through our social channels, this news page and Arc client emergency message system.

(Source: Perfect World Entertainment)

Asheron’s Call Still Offline, No Remedy In Sight


Asheron’s Call went offline two weeks ago for extended maintenance, and it still hasn’t woken up. In a post on the official forums, Turbine staff have been giving daily updates on how things are progressing, but so far the company has no idea how much longer the maintenance will take.

We’ve identified additional engineering work that will be required in order for us to reopen the worlds to you, and are currently working through the best way to get that work done. At this time we do not have an ETA on when the worlds will reopen, but we expect to have more information for you within the next couple of days. We apologize for the delay, and know that we are working to get the worlds reopened to you as soon as possible.

(Source: Asheron’s Call)

Wildstar 17 Hour Extended Maintenance And Something Extra

WildStar64 2014-05-08 13-12-45-60

Wildstar will be undergoing a 17 hour maintenance today (5/13), during which time game authorization, account management, forums, and customer support will be unavailable. The game will still be available, however authorization will be offline.

Thank you for your patience during this downtime and we’re very sorry for the inconvenience. We will work very hard to bring the game up as soon as possible. There may be even a little something extra to follow!

What extra something? Stay tuned to find out. Maintenance begins in one hour from this publishing (3am EST).

(Source: Wildstar)

Tomorrow’s PSN Downtime Was Exaggerated

WolfOldBlood_x64 2015-05-05 08-22-10-71

You may have read that on tomorrow, May 11th, the Playstation Network will be down for nearly ten hours for maintenance. The Playstation network status page originally had Monday’s maintenance scheduled to begin at 10:30pm EST on May 11th and run until 8am EST on May 12th.

Well that isn’t happening anymore. The new maintenance begins 9pm Pacific (midnight EST) on May 11th and ends two hours later.

(Source: Playstation Network)

Lineage II Joins Aion In Automatic Block List Maintenance


Mark this as a feature that all MMOs should adopt. For as long as online games have had gold farmers or abuse players, and ignore lists that are capped in how many people can be blocked, there has been the drudgery of spring cleaning said ignore list. Wouldn’t it just be easier for the game to automatically remove players who have been permanently banned, saving you the trouble of unblocking someone only to have them start harassing you again? NCSoft thinks so, and back in November Aion was treated to an update where the game now performs weekly sweeps of block lists, automatically removing any characters that have been removed from the game.

In the patch notes for March 13th’s server maintenance, Lineage II is following suit with its own implementation:

Block List Removal begins. Any characters that were banned since last week and were on your block list will be automatically removed during the maintenance. This will be a recurring process every week.

Maintenance should last about four hours.

(Source: Lineage II)

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