GaaS: V Rising Adds Offline Mode

Also sells one million copies.

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Xbox Live Hit By Major Outage

It’s not just you.

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Warhammer Odyssey Servers Remain Offline

A couple weeks after security breach.

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Everything Online Is Breaking Today

Except this website.

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Diaries From Rebirth Fantasy: It’s Dead, Jim

Dead as a corpse made of death.

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Tim Sweeney: Tencent Not A Parent Company, Offline Mode Coming 2019

Epic Founder Tim Sweeney took to Reddit last week to clarify a few things regarding the Epic Store and what role Tencent has to play in it. The original poster in the thread laid down a number of accusations against Epic and Ubisoft, among others, over questionable practices. Included in the list was the allegation that Epic is collecting data to hand over to its “parent company” Tencent and thus the Chinese government.

“Their TOS states they have the right to monitor you and send the data to their parent company. And who is Epic’s parent company? The Chinese dev that’s known for spying for the Chinese government. Tencent. The same Tencent who’s working hand in hand with the Chinese Government to work on tools to spy on their own citizens. Escentially Epic Games is owned by the Chinese Government.”

Sweeney showed up later in the comments to refute that Tencent is a parent company, as Sweeney himself is the controlling shareholder. Tencent owns a minority investment in Epic Games and does not have access to any customer data. He posted in the same thread responding to a user asking if the Epic store will have an offline mode, confirming that it will be released in “early 2019” for games that are playable offline.

Source: Reddit

Asheron’s Call Still Offline, No Remedy In Sight


Asheron’s Call went offline two weeks ago for extended maintenance, and it still hasn’t woken up. In a post on the official forums, Turbine staff have been giving daily updates on how things are progressing, but so far the company has no idea how much longer the maintenance will take.

We’ve identified additional engineering work that will be required in order for us to reopen the worlds to you, and are currently working through the best way to get that work done. At this time we do not have an ETA on when the worlds will reopen, but we expect to have more information for you within the next couple of days. We apologize for the delay, and know that we are working to get the worlds reopened to you as soon as possible.

(Source: Asheron’s Call)

Elite: Dangerous Limited Refunds For Offline Removal


Following the news that offline mode would be nixed from Elite: Dangerous, Frontier Developments has begun offering limited refunds to customers. In order to be eligible for a refund, however, you can not have participated in any of the alpha or beta phases.

Those who have already been playing the game online in the Alpha and/or Beta phases, regardless of whether they backed the project via Kickstarter or purchased access to Alpha and/or Beta through our online store, are not eligible for a refund.

When it launches, Elite: Dangerous will still feature an online mode, however it will need to be connected to the game’s main server. Offline mode is still a possibility, however Frontier Developments has stated that it will be a large undertaking.

(Source: Frontier Developments Newsletter)

Ex-Warhammer Dev Asks For Singleplayer Client


Warhammer Online may be offline forever, but its world may not be lost to us forever. Andrew Meggs, tech guy at City State Entertainment and ex-engineer at Mythic Entertainment, took to his blog to explain that while players may not be able to enjoy Warhammer Online as it was, it is within Mythic’s capabilities to at least let them roam around the world. As it turns out, most MMOs have the capability of running in singleplayer mode. There are no quests, no NPCs, no other players, but the point is that players could see the world that Mythic put so much effort into creating.

This won’t compete with any current or future game, because it’s not a game anymore. But it’s a place for the die-hard fans to visit by themselves, to reminisce and remember the times they had there with others. It’s something the hundreds of developers who worked on it will still be able to run for their kids someday. It’s a piece of history for Professors of Game Studies in 2113 to better understand what MMORPGs looked like before the neural implants.

Would you like to see a Warhammer Online virtual museum?

(Source: Shinytoys)

The Current State Of Gods & Heroes


I’m writing this in response to a comment recently left here at MMO Fallout by user Sapphic about the game Gods & Heroes:

Well the servers went down in September and according to the website still haven’t come back up, the forums are still down I can confirm. No reply from trying to contact them, no update or reply to messages posted on their facebook page or twitter. Also their other game in development, Minis with enemies has, even tho it was promised in a video on the front page, not been updated since June 2012. Heatwave have gone totally silent in any form of communications about any of their released or in development products. Though I would reply to this in case anyone found this and thought of putting money down for GnH. As I would recommend not doing until Heatwave at least update in some variety of what is happening.

As many of you likely know, Gods & Heroes doesn’t have developers. It hasn’t since January 2012 when everyone was reassigned to other projects at Heatwave Interactive, none of which have show any activity since around July. So what has happened since then? On September 27th, the Gods & Heroes game servers and website went offline for maintenance with no estimated downtime and with the possibility of extended maintenance. As of December 2nd, the Gods & Heroes Facebook still had players reporting the servers as offline. I did my own investigation and found that the servers, when accessed through the game client, are indeed online. I have no method of pinpointing exactly when they came online, but it appears to be sometime in mid-December. They are still online as of this writing.

Heatwave Interactive has been completely silent since September 2012, as far as I can tell. As of this publishing, the forums are not just offline, the URL forwards to a Verizon “page not found” error. The game’s website is woefully out of date, still listing the game as sold via Steam, Gamestop, and EB Games when it was removed from those stores around a year ago. The download client that the website provides via the account management page is completely broken and will return an “out of date” error and instruct the user to download a newer version from the main website.

If you’re still interested in giving Gods & Heroes a play, it costs a $9.99 one time fee on the Gods & Heroes website and doesn’t have a subscription or cash shop, be aware that the active community is just about nonexistent. There are three servers and they are all pretty quiet. So if you do take Gods & Heroes for a spin, bring a few friends or you’ll be going solo.

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