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Cheap Games: Ubisoft Sale On PSN

Ubisoft is running a week long sale on the Playstation Network, and the list of games for sale is massive. The list of sale items includes the recently launched Division as well as other big name Ubisoft titles like Rainbow Six Siege and The Crew. Sales are for the North America Playstation Network. Your mileage […]

Lizard Squad Member Convicted, Gets No Jail Sentence

Finland has successfully convicted Julius Kivimaki of over fifty thousand counts of cyber crime for his role in the attacks on Sony and Microsoft’s networks along with other members of the hacker group Lizard Squad. With fifty thousand counts under his belt, you might be wondering if Kivimaki will be going to prison for the next […]

Tomorrow’s PSN Downtime Was Exaggerated

You may have read that on tomorrow, May 11th, the Playstation Network will be down for nearly ten hours for maintenance. The Playstation network status page originally had Monday’s maintenance scheduled to begin at 10:30pm EST on May 11th and run until 8am EST on May 12th. Well that isn’t happening anymore. The new maintenance […]

Sony Caps Fraud Refund At $150, Threatens To Ban Victim

Sony is coming under some heavy fire after an account was stolen and used to rack up substantial charges, only to offer to reimburse a small portion of those funds. User Kadjar on Reddit noticed that his account was compromised when multiple purchase confirmations began popping up in his email. Acting quickly to remove on-file credit […]

Buy $20 Mercenary Pack, Get DUST 514 Beta Access

Earlier this year, CCP announced that the initial cover charge for DUST 514 would be removed in favor of simply making the game free with a cash shop. Now, if you are like me and bought a $20 Playstation Network card in advance, you are not entirely out of luck. In a CCP press release […]

PSN and SOE: They’re Coming Back Today!

By the time you view this video, PSN may be activated in your area. Today begins phase 1 of Sony’s restoration services for the Playstation Network, rolling out in various countries and states one by one. Players will be able to sign into the Playstation Network and download a patch and reset their passwords (this […]

PSN Service Aiming For May 31st.

At this juncture, I’m just waiting for Sony to pull a card from Duke Nukem Forever and just label the PSN service as being restored “when it’s done.” To those of us who do a lot of gaming on our Playstation 3, or to PC users who subscribed to one or more game on Sony’s […]

PS3: Compensation. No PSN This Week.

Those of you who play DC Universe on the PS3, of whom are planning on coming back to the game once it comes online, may be interested to hear the details of Sony’s “Welcome back” package. Announced on Sony’s Facebook page, the plan includes: 30 days free game time. Plus one free day for every […]

PS3 Services Returning This Week

Finally some good news for our PS3 players of DC Universe, Massive Action Game, and Free Realms (the latter of which I for some reason ignored on the past articles relating to the PS3 outage). According to the Playstation Blog today, services will be returning to the Playstation Network this week and, as expected, compensation […]

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