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Denial of Service: US Judge Sentences Warcraft DDoS Attacker To Prison

The odds of getting caught while firing off denial of service attacks against corporate servers may be low, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the act is any less criminal. Romanian citizen Calin Mateias found that lesson out the hard way when a judge issued a one year prison sentence and $30,000 in […]

Former Funcom Execs Sentenced To Prison Term In Fraud Investigation

While Kingdoms of Amalur may take the title of the game that Rhode Island paid for, The Secret World will go down as one of the few games to result in criminal convictions. We’ve been covering on and off the tribulations of Funcom’s former executives who have been under investigation since the launch of The […]

Lizard Squad Member Convicted, Gets No Jail Sentence

Finland has successfully convicted Julius Kivimaki of over fifty thousand counts of cyber crime for his role in the attacks on Sony and Microsoft’s networks along with other members of the hacker group Lizard Squad. With fifty thousand counts under his belt, you might be wondering if Kivimaki will be going to prison for the next […]

ArcheAge Criminal Sentenced To 13 Hours Prison

Criminals beware, you’re in for a fair…trial. ArcheAge has one of the most interesting crime systems that I have ever seen. It is far too complicated to explain in this article, but the gist of the system is that crimes leave behind evidence that can be found by other players, and if you die as […]

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