ArcheAge Still Scared Of Banning Cheaters

Reverses earlier ban.

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Kakao Now Is Kakao’s Streaming Showcase

You’ll need to wait until Kakao Later to watch it.

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Of Course XL Games Has An NFT Game

ArcheWorld coming soon.

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ArcheAge Confiscates 229 Billion Gold

Bans a few hundred more accounts.

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ArcheAge Unchained Limits Trial Accounts

From doing pretty much anything.

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ArcheAge Economy Broken By Cosmic Underpants

Kakao Games takes over ArcheAge and immediately torpedoes its economy.

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ArcheAge: XL Games Promises Revamp, Stay Tuned

Stay tuned.

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ArcheAge Transfer Website Is Live

Go transfer your account.

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ArcheAge Unchained Becoming A Subscription MMO

Once Kakao Games takes over.

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Kakao Games Absorbs ArcheAge Publishing

Starting in December in North America and Europe.

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