ArcheAge Still Scared Of Banning Cheaters

Reverses earlier ban.

ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained currently sit at sub-100 player counts on Steam, which may go a long way to understanding why Kakao Games decided its ban wave of accounts for taking advantage of an exploit earlier last December was a little too harsh. After all, banned players aren’t paying customers. In an announcement posted this week, Kakao Games revealed that while alt accounts won’t be unbanned, players permanently banned will have their accounts reinstated. No compensation will be given for missed times, as the developer notes players still did break the rules.

One of the earliest exploits during the Fresh Start colloquially known as ‘Panty Gate’ resulted in the permanent ban of many accounts. Whilst it was clear to us that this was an unintended use of mechanics and the steps involved in this process were obviously exploitative, we’ve been reviewing the stance that we took during that incident to determine if our actions were correct and in the best interests of the ArcheAge community.

The conclusion of the review is that although the player’s actions were deemed to be an exploit,  we feel that a permanent ban was overly harsh in this instance considering the long history of ArcheAge.

Source: ArcheAge

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