ArcheAge Economy Broken By Cosmic Underpants

Kakao Games takes over ArcheAge and immediately torpedoes its economy.

ArcheAge is a game that has spent the better part of the last eight years being beaten to death, resurrected, and then beaten to death again by all matters of exploits, cheats, dupes, bots, griefers, fraudsters (like Trion Worlds and Gamigo), and insert your group here. If there’s one thing we’ve learned along the way, it doesn’t really matter who is in charge of the game. It’s like blaming the chef for water going through a colander.

But Kakao Games recently put up a social media promo code for ArcheAge and boy did that coupon code get exploited to death and back. The gist of the problem appears to originate from the reward that the coupon code gave, specifically that players could use it to redeem 10 mana crystal, and those of you who don’t play ArcheAge are asking why this is important.

It’s important because while the codes are one per account, nothing stopped players from simply setting up dozens of alt-accounts, redeeming the code, and transferring the mana crystals via family/guild storage, resulting in a flood of materials as well as infinite costumes and eternal undergarments pouring into the game. Cosmic underpants if you will. According to players this has effectively taken the economy of ArcheAge out back and treated it like a rabid John Stamos.

Kakao Games has since expired the coupon, but given the exploit had been live for over 24 hours and the damage has pretty much been done. As of this publishing, Kakao’s web inventory is also under maintenance that may or may not be due to an exploit posted earlier by another player which allows players to use the web inventory to generate endless amounts of items.

Don’t get your eternal undergarments in a bunch.

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