New World Update Targets Shady Alts

No more Christmas event for you.

New World is going down for maintenance and you know what that means. The servers self-immolate and everyone loses the last three weeks of progress. I’m kidding, especially if that actually happens. Tonight’s update introduces a few changes to the game to take aim at alt characters, specifically people creating alts to abuse them.

The update will prevent players from creating alts to exploit tree of light lockboxes.

Restricted Coin Lockboxes earned from the Tree of Light to players level 15 and above to coincide with when Event Quests are enabled for players. This change was implemented to discourage bad actors from repeatedly creating new characters in an attempt to exploit the availability of coin.

Meanwhile accounts will now be limited in alts creatable daily, with no specific information on how many is too many. There’s a few other bug fixes in the patch notes. Otherwise there’s not much of note this week.

If the police show up at my house with a copy of this news article I’ll know the servers started on fire.

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