Diablo II Loot Argument Leads To Murder

Man stabs friend over heated argument.

Today’s human interest story comes to us from Clark County, Washington, where a 36 year old man has been arrested on charges of killing his friend in a heated argument about Diablo loot. Joshua G. Spellman is being charged with second degree murder of 34 year old Andrew W. Dickson, who died from a gunshot wound allegedly inflicted by Spellman.

The pair had apparently become heated after a session of Diablo II where a random player entered the game and was able to steal a piece of loot. Spellman and Dickson, who lived on the same property, got into an argument that culminated in Dickson being shot and later dying at the hospital.

Spellman’s bail is set for $750,000. His arraignment is scheduled for December 29.

Source: The Columbian

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