Chinese Gamers Hate War of the Three Kingdoms

The lowest rated Steam game after four days.

War of the Three Kingdoms is the latest of approximately thirty thousand MMOs to release from China this calendar month, but it’s certainly making waves with the Steam community. Not the kind of waves you’d want to make, but waves nonetheless. Now as a card-based strategy game, and one only available in Chinese, War of the Three Kingdoms isn’t a game most of MMO Fallout’s readership will be able to get into. Because I’m sure most of you don’t read Chinese.

Thankfully you’re not missing much. Since its launch on December 17, War of the Three Kingdoms has amassed over 3,300 reviews of which only 8% are positive. This makes Hangzhou Youka Network Technology Co., Ltd. the proud owner over a ten pound bouncing award for worst rated title on Steam. It beat out even XIII and Airport Simulator 2014 whose ratings are presently in the low teens. The other release on the worst 10 list from 2021 is Konami’s eFootball 2022.

Players are apparently unhappy about the game being a pay-to-win grindfest that costs thousands of dollars to stay competitive, and the game underneath the monetization system isn’t good. The reviews also seem to actually match player traffic, as the game hit a peak of 736 people and is projecting downward after the initial opening weekend.

So there’s War of the Three Kingdoms. Too pay to win for China.

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