ArcheAge Confiscates 229 Billion Gold

Bans a few hundred more accounts.

Here’s an obvious question; did you know that gold dupes existed pre-Kakao taking over ArcheAge? Of course you did. Did you know that Gamigo/Trion did a terrible job of removing that gold from the economy? Of course you did. The good news of the day is that Kakao Games went through and tracked down gold from a dupe that existed (and was fixed) before they took over the game.

Additionally, it has come to our attention that there was a gold duping exploit active for a brief period of time on the old servers before the service transfer. While this method is no longer working, we were able to find that a large portion of the duped gold was still present on the evolution servers, and have worked to identify and remove these assets.

The resulting effect was 229 billion gold removed from circulation across the game’s servers.

Source: ArcheAge

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