Bless Global Offers Crypto For Review Fraud

Tigon Mobile really gunning for a ban from Steam.

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Online For Maintenance #13: Richer Garrote

Online For Maintenance.

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PSA: Steam and the Rise Of Unfettered Fraud

More developers getting banned using their games for scams.

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Soulworker Warns Of Illegal Ripoff Game

Another day, another NFT scam.

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Rant: Earth 2 – Varius Benson, Silenced Critics

As one does when running a legitimate business.

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MMO Rant: Dreamworld Raises All Red Flags

Wake up and smell the bullcrap.

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Steam: I Found the New Worst Game Ever

Look forward to seeing this banned from Steam sometime later this year.

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Soulbound Studios Pitches Landmarkian Spinoff

Gotta get that cheddar somehow.

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Steam: CS:GO Knife Thief Faces 8 Years

Not related to the earlier article.

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World of Warships Lootbox Illegally Advertised

Christmas lootbox ruled illegal by Cyprus advertising agency.

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