Soulworker Makes Shop Costumes Untradeable

January 19.

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Surprise! Soulworker Is Lowering Prices

Inflation? Nah. Deflation? Yeah.

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Soulworker Warns Of Illegal Ripoff Game

Another day, another NFT scam.

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Soulworker Updates For Christmas

Unwrap new costumes.

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SoulWorker Launches Black Friday Event

And you don’t even have to log in on a Friday for it.

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Soulworker Celebrates Anniversary

One year of service.

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Soulworker Details Risky Behavior

Conduct that could get an account investigated for RMT.

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Soulworker Releases “Violent Sun” Raid

That’s a raid of the violent sun.

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Soulworker Apologizes For KonoSuba Event

Another day, another apology.

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Diaries From Soulworker: KonoSuba Time

Video games with the anime characters.

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