Soulworker Makes Shop Costumes Untradeable

January 19.

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Dark and Darker Announces Alpha Test 3

For December.

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Rantcakes: Iron & Magic Is Money First, Game Never

Lord British peddles his investment scheme.

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Valve Nukes Developer VR Retro Remaster

Knocks out a couple dozen titles.

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PlayStation Veterans Form Liithos, Go Web 3.0

Warm up those “there goes my interest” comments.

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Impressions: Kritika’s Gear Embarrassment

It sucks.

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Cultivation Tales Returns, Still A Hated Game

Cultivation Tales returns to Steam only so people can still hate it.

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Online For Maintenance #13: Richer Garrote

Online For Maintenance.

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Steam: I Was King For A Millisecond

And then brutally beheaded.

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Steam: Valve Bans Developer Yogurt Games

And their decidedly non-yogurt games.

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