PlayStation Veterans Form Liithos, Go Web 3.0

Warm up those “there goes my interest” comments.

Another day, another story of industry veterans forming a new studio. Today’s studio of note is Liithos, the brainchild of Michael Mumbauer (PlayStation visual arts) and John Garvin (creative director of Days Gone and Syphon Filter). Liithos has already announced its first title, Ashfall, a game being developed for PC, console, and web 3.0. Whatever that means.

According to the press release put out today, Ashfall will start out as a connected single player game that eventually evolves into a multiplayer PvP/PvE title. Oh and it’s web 3.0, so you can probably expect something related to the blockchain, or NFTs, or crypto, or the like. If you head over to their official website you can get an NFT founder token for $10. Or a digital comic for $100. Or a water bottle for $25. Some expensive taste.

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