New World Killing Off Tuning Orbs

Among other things.

New World. It’s a game people used to play, and some people still do. Amazon this week laid out some details for upcoming updates, chief of which involves the removal of expedition orbs. Expedition orbs are required to run expeditions, New World’s version of dungeons, and have proven to be something of a nuisance in the past. Theoretically their purpose is to limit player access to dungeon content and rewards, but considering New World has lost roughly 98% of its launch peak, Amazon might be more open to accommodating player demands.

In this update, we’ve removed Expedition Tuning Orbs and replaced them with daily limits for Normal and Weekly mutated expedition runs to make all expeditions easier to access.

Rather than forcing players to craft orbs, expeditions will now operate on a daily limit of 15 expedition runs and 25 weekly mutated expedition runs. Players who still have tuning orbs when the update gets pushed to live servers will receive caches containing loot from the respective dungeon.

Trade skills are also getting faster with the upcoming update, with fishing especially getting boosted as experience is being halved to get from 1 to 200. Experience requirements in most skills is getting reduced by 10-20% depending on the skill.

All that and the summer update are going up on the public test server this week. Check it out.

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