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In Plain English: Youtube Hauls Copyright Troll Into Court

Youtube is finally taking the fight to copyright trolls and this week filed a lawsuit against an individual for allegedly abusing the DMCA takedown system in order to extort and harass Youtube creators into paying him money. The defendant is Christopher Brady, an individual residing in Omaha, Nebraska. According to a complaint filed in the […]

IPE: MMO Fallout Hit With DMCA Takedown

Hello folks, I initially grappled with whether to publish this piece, and just decided to go with it. It came to my attention over the weekend that MMO Fallout, specifically our domain host, has been hit with a DMCA takedown notice. The notice was sent to us in regards to an In Plain English article […]

[NM] Star Control On Stardock’s Website Following DMCA

Star Control Origins has returned to digital store shelves following its removal from Steam and Good Old Games just a few days ago. Star Control: Origins was removed from Steam and Good Old Games following a DMCA takedown request by Fred Ford and Paul Reiche, two individuals with whom developer Stardock is currently fighting in […]

Star Control: Origins Gets Yanked From Store Shelves After DMCA Takedown

While the Digital Millennium Copyright Act has been used more times than we can count to pull videos and music off of the internet, it’s very rare that the process is used to take down an entire video game. That said, Paul Reiche III and Robert Frederick Ford have decided to end the year with […]

US To Consider DMCA Exemptions For Offline MMOs

Here’s a head scratcher: Should shuttered online games be exempted from Digital Millennium Copyright Act claims if the product is abandoned by its owners? The answer is yes, at least sort of. Under current US law, there are exemptions made for circumventing a game’s copyright protection if said servers have been abandoned by the owner […]

[Community] Mob Mentality, Jason Vorhees, and Website Policy

For this week’s Community article, I’d like to bring up as subject that has been discussed to death over the past few years yet still remains a pervasive issue in not just the gaming community, but virtually every aspect of human life especially when the internet is concerned: Mob mentality and the internet’s ever populous […]

Orion Project Back On Steam After DMCA Takedown

The Orion Project is once again available on Steam after its removal from Steam over allegations of copyright theft. Developer Trek Industries found itself on the defensive earlier this week when Valve removed their game from sale, responding to a DMCA takedown notice by Activision claiming that several guns from Orion were stolen from more […]

The Takedown of Orion: Answering The Call of Duty

Orion developer David James is threatening a counter-suit after a DMCA takedown notice from Activision resulted in Orion being removed from sale on Steam during one of the larger sales of the year. The takedown notice alleges that Orion stole assets from Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. James […]

ESA Opposes Restoring Online Functionality For Shuttered Services

Allowing people to continue playing games that they legally own, but cannot access due to shuttered services, will destroy the videogame industry and undermine the copyright law. At least this is how the Entertainment Software Association, a trade association representing some of the largest game producers, would like you to think. The ESA, along with […]

The EFF Wants DMCA Protection For Abandoned Games

When the servers shut down for your favorite games, often times players find themselves out of luck and with a product that is no longer usable. To make matters worse, attempts to recover the game by setting up private servers or releasing a program to circumvent the now-useless DRM, run the risk of being met […]

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