Bungie Sues Over Destiny 2 Fake DMCA

They aren’t happy.

Bungie is pissed, and the subject of their ire this week has to do with a recent spat of fraudulent DMCA takedowns regarding Destiny 2 videos. A little over a week ago YouTube channels started receiving copyright strikes over Destiny 2 videos which naturally sparked some outrage on the internet. Answering quickly, Bungie distanced itself from the takedowns noting that they were not done by Bungie or anyone acting on their behalf.


In making good on their promise, Bungie this week filed a lawsuit against ten individuals it believes are behind the takedowns. The lawsuit, filed in Washington court, charges the defendants with a slew of accusations including business defamation, fraudulent DMCA claims, breach of contract, and more. The defendants are currently listed as John Doe 1-10.

MMO Fallout will update as further news appears.

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