Steam: I Was King For A Millisecond

And then brutally beheaded.

It’s a slow news day, let’s talk about Steam stuff. Given the propensity for our discussions on Steam to fall into the fraud, scams, bans, etc, I figured I’d take a moment today to talk about a cute little free game that I downloaded and played, and you should too. But do it fast, because it is about to become unbearable.

The game is “The One Who Pulls Out The Sword Will Become King.” It’s an experimental title based on the King Arthur lore, that being whoever pulls the sword from the stone will be crowned king. You can too, because rather than birthright or courage this game simply requires a strong mouse hand or a willingness to cheat and set up your Xbox controller. Not that I did that.

Currently sitting at a 98% approval rating with 1,200 reviews, the goal of The One is to pull the sword out of the stone. You do this by clicking your mouse and pulling up. The trick here is that the sword is long and heavy, and if you let go it immediately snaps back into place. The offline mode has a set length and weight, but the online mode grows heavier and longer every time a person succeeds in pulling it out. You even get notifications as you play as others beat the game. It also features a fantastic soundtrack that grows as you get closer to pulling out the sword.

It’s a game of determination and carpal tunnel syndrome. And it’s free. Win and you’ll be treated to a cutscene where the prior king (with player name) gets beheaded and you are crowned, knowing you’ll likely be dead long before that cutscene ever finishes.

Go ahead, pull the sword.

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