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Free Steamy Sundaes: October 20 Edition

Today’s Free Steamy Sundaes is brought to you by caffeine, toxic consumer advocacy, and viewers like you. I don’t know how to casually introduce a new column I had the idea for while shopping for a new coffee grinder, so I’m just going to refer to Free Steamy Sundaes like it’s been going on for […]

[Video] Wasting Time #1: Beetle Hunter

Today’s Wasting Time piece is in the form of a video long play (as long as you consider nine minutes to be). It is a first person shooter that is completely free and the project of what appears to be just one guy. Check it out, the only thing you have to waste is your […]

Play Funcom’s Conan Threesome Free Over The Weekend

If you’ve ever wanted to play all three of Funcom’s Conan games and not have to pay anything for the privilege, you’re in luck. Starting September 19 and running through September 23, you can download Conan Exiles and Conan Unconquered. You can also play Age of Conan which was already free to play, but just […]

Wasting Time: Darkula

Here at MMO Fallout I occasionally like to bring attention to games that you can check out completely free of charge, but also games that are not MMOs and therefore 1.) will not require you to take them up as a full time job and 2.) won’t bombard you with microtransactions. These games are totally […]

PSA: Grab Too Human On Xbox (Free) Before It Goes Away

Too Human broke real ground after its launch in 2008, and not because of anything in the game play itself. Along with several other Silicon Knights products, it stands as one of the only titles in the industry to have a judge order all stock be recalled and destroyed. Way back in the year of […]

NM: Grab Enter the Gungeon Free on Epic Game Store

Epic Game Store has unveiled their next free title: Enter the Gungeon. Available at no cost outside of downloading and using the Epic Game Store, Enter the Gungeon will be available until June 20 after which the free game will be Rebel Galaxy. Add it to your account now, keep it forever. It should be […]

[NM] PSA: Minion Masters Voidborne Onslaught DLC Free

Minion Masters is a game you may not have heard of; it bills itself as a 1v1 or 2v2 hybrid of a deckbuilder, MOBA, and tower defense. It currently stands with a 95% “Overwhelmingly Positive” review score on Steam, and you can play it for free. And if you are planning on playing Minion Masters […]

[Blizzcon 2018] Destiny 2 Free On PC Until November 18

Destiny 2 launched on October 24, 2017, and Activision is celebrating its one year anniversary by making the game free. Log in to and grab yourself a free copy of the game before November 18 and the game is yours to keep forever*. The copy includes the base game and nothing else, you’ll still […]

PSA: Shadow Warrior 2 Free On Good Old Games

First person shooter Shadow Warrior 2 is free on Good Old Games for a limited time, and if you don’t own the title (or own it on Good Old Games), it’s in your best interest to pick it up now. Developed by Flying Wild Hog and released in 2016, Shadow Warrior 2 still sells for […]

Lawbreakers Will Shut Down In September, Now Free To Play

When Boss Key Productions announced its closure back in May, the question of its two titles sunsetting became a matter of when, not if. As of today, competitive shooter Lawbreakers has been made officially free to play in preparation for the servers to sunset in September. No information has been posted to Radical Heights, which […]

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