Marvel’s Avengers Is Ending Development

But not shutting down.

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Avengers: How To Get Some Free Costumes

With a simple coupon code.

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Marvel’s Avengers Details Units Compensation

Basically big grants to everyone.

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Marvel’s Avengers Kills Paid Consumables

They’ll be obtainable in-game.

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Hotcakes: Crystal Dynamics Can’t Juggle Lies

The company can’t keep its own lies straight.

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Avengers: War For Wakanda Is Live

The latest expansion for Marvel’s Avengers.

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Marvel’s Avengers Offers Double Exp

Through September 2.

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Marvel Avengers Is Showing IP Addresses

So probably don’t stream it right now.

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Marvel’s Avengers Upgrades Gear Progression

You’ll receive less items, but more useful items.

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Hotcakes: Crystal Dynamics Exp Doublespeak

Crystal Dynamics lost the plot.

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