Marvel’s Avengers Kills Paid Consumables

They’ll be obtainable in-game.

Crystal Dynamics is once again apologizing for a Marvel’s Avengers PR mishap. Last month Crystal Dynamics decided to test its already thin ice with customers, as the company reneged on its previous promise of not implementing pay to win mechanics by introducing paid boosts. We can presume the negative PR from the release had more effect than whatever income was gained by releasing the items, as Crystal Dynamics announced the items will be removed by the end of the day.

Hero’s Catalysts are experience boosters while Fragment Extractors increase the number of fragments one obtains.

The blowback comes after an update earlier this year that decreased the rater at which players level, an update that was taken at the time to foreshadow that Crystal Dynamics would attempt to sell experience boosters to fix the problem they had created. Player suspicion ultimately proved correct when Marvel’s Avengers began selling experience boosters.

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