The Old Republic Talks Update 7.0

Itemization coming out.

Did you know that Star Wars: The Old Republic is still putting out pretty substantial updates? Because they are. But you don’t have to take my word for it, just check out the notes on the upcoming update 7.0. The upcoming update, dubbed Legacy of the Sith, works heavily on a philosophy of getting players the gear they need in order to progress.

Our philosophy for gearing and progression in 7.0 is to ensure that players have the gear they need to play the content they want and that they can grow their power over time. Whether a player is here for the story or to take on the most powerful challenges in the galaxy, we want there to be something a player can look forward to that makes their characters stronger.

Interested parties can read more on the news post, but the gist of the update appears to be removing some of the RNG from the equation and giving players more reliable opportunities to upgrade their gear.

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