Marvel’s Avengers Details Units Compensation

Basically big grants to everyone.

The folks at Crystal Dynamics have been working to figure out a compensation plan for Marvel’s Avengers players hit by loss of units/resources, and they’ve finally got a plan. According to a post released today, all players who lost units/resources during the couple of days when the event was bugged will receive a wealth of units as compensation.

Compensation is based on total lifetime units earned, with players basically receiving the maximum amount of compensation for each tier. You need to have logged in between November 30 and December 1, and thus be affected by the bug, in order to receive said compensation.

We have prepared a grant for those players that will happen upon log-in sometime on December 15. We are calculating how many Units each of these players have earned in their entire lifetime of playing Marvel’s Avengers. Using this information, we are granting players who logged in between November 30 to December 1 (when the Holiday Content Patch went live to went Patch 2.2c was published) a number of Units and Fragments based on each player’s max lifetime earn.

More details at the official website.

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