Bungie Files Lawsuit Against Harasser

Sues prolific stream cheater over harassment of employees.

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Destiny 2: Harvest At Dawn Isn’t Broken

I swear it isn’t.

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Bungie Sues Over Destiny 2 Fake DMCA

They aren’t happy.

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Destiny 2 Phasing Out Elemental Currencies

Caps increase next week, gone next season.

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Bungie Raises Ukraine Aid, Boycotts Russia

Russian gamers will be unable to buy stuff.

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Don’t Forget To Spend Your Psychogenic Intel

Otherwise you won’t get any more.

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One Million Pre-Ordered The Witch Queen

That’s more people than fit in my house.

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Sony Is Acquiring Bungie For $3 Billion

$3.6 billion to be exact.

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Yes, Destiny 2 Is Celebrating Crashmas

You’re not the only one whose game is crashing constantly.

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PSA: How To Access Haunted Sectors (Destiny 2)

Because Bungie needs to make things obscure.

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