Destiny 2: Harvest At Dawn Isn’t Broken

I swear it isn’t.

We’re about to enter week three of Destiny 2’s latest season, and I wanted to put out this little PSA regarding last week’s seasonal challenge. Specifically I’m talking about Harvest At Dawn, a challenge that some people seem to be having trouble with. If you head over to the Destiny 2 forums, you’re bound to see a few threads here and there reporting that Harvest At Dawn is bugged and not tracking.

Harvest At Dawn tasks players with getting scythe kills as well as solar power weapon kills on Sever activities. The scythe kills are pretty self-explanatory, but players keep reporting that the solar power weapon kills aren’t tracking. So what’s the deal?

The deal is people aren’t using the correct weapons. The challenge requires you to use solarĀ power weapons. The third slot power weapons, specifically solar damage guns. Using your solar abilities, second slot energy weapons, or your solar ultimate won’t add to the ticker. The plus side is that you only need to get a couple dozen kills with your power weapon to fill the quota, I was able to get it done in that first big room of enemies.

So there you have it; third slot power weapon is what you need to get your kills with in order to complete the challenge.

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