WoW Classic Is Merging Servers

Something I never thought we’d say.

World of Warcraft is shutting down servers, something I never thought we’d say. Over at WoW Classic, Blizzard announced this week that low population servers will be shutting down in the near future. The server retirement is set to go forward on August 10 with anyone left on the server at that point automatically transferred off world.

To maintain healthy populations for Burning Crusade Classic realms, we’ve regularly reviewed realm populations and offered Free Character Transfers from realms that dropped to a low population. Additionally, we’ve made the decision to retire some Burning Crusade Classic realms and consolidate their remaining players onto other realms that have higher populations.

Characters on those servers will be granted a free transfer to a set of servers of your choosing before the August 10 date. You’ll want to take advantage of this offer as the website notes player characters automatically transferred when the servers shut off may be unavailable for upward of two weeks.

  • Bloodfang
  • Celebras
  • Dragon’s Call
  • Dragonfang
  • Dreadmist
  • Finkle
  • Flamelash
  • Gandling
  • Harbinger of Doom
  • Heartstriker
  • Hydraxian Waterlords
  • Judgement
  • Lucifron
  • Noggenfogger
  • Rhok’delar
  • Shazzrah
  • Skullflame
  • Stonespine
  • Ten Storms
  • Wyrmthalak
  • Zandalar Tribe

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