The Cycle Releases With $125 Package

Reviews are currently mixed.

The Cycle: Frontier is out today. Developed by Yager, The Cycle is a free to play game similar to that of Escape From Tarkov, where players deploy in an area and work to gather supplies while fighting off NPCs and other players, with the ultimate goal of hitting that evac and getting out with your sweet sweet loot.

Not only does the game look good and is free to play, it appears to be hitting the ground running with over 24 thousand concurrent users and growing on day one. Initial impressions on the other hand are mixed, with 49% of the initial 270 reviews being positive. Initial reviews are blasting the game as poorly optimized and buggy, while others are upset that the developers added several tiers of supporter packages up to $125 in cost. A lot of reviews note that the game was “better in beta.”

Another common comment is that the developers have flagged Nvidia filters as bannable under the game’s BattlEye anti-cheat. The $125 elite pack contains weapon skins, outfits, and a “mountain” of gear. The gear can presumably be looted by other players just as any other item, but the presence has been criticized by some as pay to win.

Check it out on Steam.

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