Kritika Global Selling $50 Character Slots

Because it’s pay to earn.

Kritika Global is officially out today, the blockchain enabled play to earn crypto NFT web3 tchotchke dongle doodad new age experience for you folks out there with big wallets and even bigger dreams. And what can you expect with the relaunch of this free to play endeavor? Big charges, if you’re willing to pay them.

After creating and linking the crypto wallet necessary for playing Kritika Global the first thing you might notice is that the game offers one character slot. Choose wisely! You can unlock several more character slots, but it’s going to cost you. How much? Don’t act like you didn’t read the headline. New character slots are going to run you a big fifty.

Fifty smackers. The reason I have seen given for the high cost is that as a play to earn game, having alt characters allows players to obtain currencies much faster and would theoretically net more earnings that would be tradeable for real money. How this wouldn’t work through simply creating alt accounts is beyond me, but I’m sure I’ll get an explanation for that too. Regardless, if you’re thinking about going through the long process of creating a Kritika Global account to chase those altaholic dreams, just be aware it’s going to cost you big money.

More information as it appears.

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