Elder Scrolls Online Dune Content Pops Up

Hasn’t quite been announced yet.

Is The Elder Scrolls Online gearing up for Dune content? It seems like it. With plenty of announcements coming this week, I noticed a few new listings on the Steam database. Particularly listings for pre-order packages for The Elder Scrolls Online related to content around Dune. A pre-order pack, a collector’s edition pack, and a pre-purchase mount have been added to Elder Scrolls Online’s app database, although store pages do not exist for any of them at this time.

Dune is an existing city located in Elsweyr within Elder Scrolls Online. The listing doesn’t appear to be connected to any existing content, although it is listed as being included with the High Isles expansion packs as well as the ESO complete edition, so owners of those packs might get it for free. I haven’t been able to find any mention of Dune-related content on any of the Elder Scrolls Online community pages or announcements aside from what’s been in the game for a few years now.

I will update this if ZeniMax responds to my request for information.

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