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Mobility: Elder Scrolls Blades, the Disappointment I’d Never Hoped For

Have you ever looked at The Elder Scrolls and thought to yourself; “Self, I want to play more Elder Scrolls, but this quality of work is just too high. Why can’t Bethesda deliver a shoddy, low quality version on my phone that isn’t really fun to play and is chock full of predatory microtransactions?” If […]

Zenimax Permanently Bans Hundreds of ESO Accounts Over Morrowind Codes

A bunch of players logged into their emails to find some bizarre notifications this week. For some, they were learning that not only had their subscription been cancelled but their accounts were permanently disabled. While MMO Fallout is not a stranger to reports of mass bans over cheating or bug abuse, this one is a […]

Elder Scrolls Online: Grab The Black Cat Pet Until Monday

Whoever said black cats were a source of bad luck was probably some sort of cat racist. For Elder Scrolls Online players, it’s another reason to reach into their crown coffers. For a limited time, you can get your hands on a black cat pet. The cat costs 700 crowns, or roughly $7 USD, or […]

Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind Is Being Called A “Chapter,” Launches In June

Zenimax has announced the next massive update to The Elder Scrolls Online, bringing players to the Morrowind province of Vvardenfell. Set to launch on June 6th, Morrowind is being called a ‘chapter,’ with content around that of an official expansion but accessible to all players thanks to the One Tamriel system. Also coming with the expansion […]

Player Elder Scrolls Online Free: PS4 and PC

PS4 and PC users will have the opportunity to play The Elder Scrolls Online for free beginning Wednesday, November 16th. While news has not been given on an Xbox One trial, players on the other two platforms will have access to the full game plus 500 Crowns (cash shop currency) to muck around with. In […]

E3 2016: Elder Scrolls Online Announces Japan, Level-Scaling

The Elder Scrolls Online is heading to Japan this month, as Bethesda announced during yesterday’s streaming conference. Gamers in Japan will be able to get their hands on the title on June 23rd, presumably on an equal release schedule to other regions. Additionally, Zenimax announced big changes coming to how players consume content in The Elder […]

Elder Scrolls Online Is “Huge and Thriving”

In celebration of Elder Scrolls Online’s second anniversary, game director Matt Firor has taken to the official website to reminisce on the past two years. In addition to showcasing his own character’s progress since the 2014 launch, Firor also noted that the community is ‘huge and thriving,’ a statement that will no doubt be questioned […]

Elder Scrolls Online DLC Owners Get Free Vanity Pets

If you purchased the Thieves Guild or Orsinium DLC packs, you have a new vanity pet waiting for you. Orsinium owners will receive an Echalette pet while Thieves Guild will receive a Jackal to follow them around on their adventures. The pets require completion of a very simple achievement, simply walk into the area introduced […]

Elder Scrolls Online Introduces You To The Thieves Guild

The third DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls Online introduces players to the Thieve’s Guild, an organization that the player finds in shambles. Players travel to Abah’s Landing in southern Hammerfell to join the guild, and must work to rebuild it back to its former glory. Membership in the guild has many benefits, including a […]

Play Elder Scrolls Online For Free, Unless You Can’t

Elder Scrolls Online is free this weekend for anyone who has yet to make the purchase. Well, not everyone. Xbox One players should have no problem just getting in and starting once the weekend goes live, but everyone else is going to have some issues. First, Playstation 4 players can’t get in on the weekend […]

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