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[Column] Astellia’s Subscription Trial Should Be Free/Contribute

Astellia Online is launching with a subscription, by which I mean it’s launching with a trial subscription, and it’s a bunch of tat. When Astellia launches it will cost $40 for the introductory kit, with no word on how quickly the game will go free to play once the market wholly rejects paying up front […]

PSA: Ghost Recon Wildlands Free Trial Available

Have you been waiting for an opportunity to try out Ghost Recon: Wildlands and also happen to game on Playstation 4 or Xbox One? Well you are in luck. Ubisoft today launched a free trial for both consoles (nothing for PC, sadly), giving an opportunity to give the game a go before throwing down sixty […]

AD2460 Going Free To Play December 7th

Norwegian developer Fifth Season AS has announced that their browser MMO AD2460 will be heading free to play this month. Until the update goes into effect on December 7th, new players are encouraged to take advantage of the game’s 15 day free trial to get started. The business model change will go up alongside the […]

Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Trial Available

Playstation 4 gamers interested in trying out Final Fantasy XIV will be able to do just that, as Square Enix today announced a 14 day trial will be available. The trial gives players the opportunity to level up to 20, with certain other limitations, as well as the ability to transfer trial characters over to […]

Final Fantasy XIV Steam Trial And Free Weekend

Square Enix has announced that hopeful gamers can now try out Final Fantasy XIV through Steam. Head on over to the Steam website, or through your Steam client, go to the Final Fantasy XIV store page, and click on the “try demo” button located on the side-bar. The trial is good for 14 days and […]

Defiance Reveals Endless Free Trial

Trion Worlds has announced that Defiance will be moving over to an endless free trial, allowing players to get in on the action for as long as they like without buying the full game. Instead of the previous 72 hour time limit, players will now be capped at 500 EGO points until they upgrade to […]

Rift Compensates For Shard Transfers

Going free to play has a habit of causing disruption, especially when it comes to the more popular servers. In the case of Icewatch and Akala, two European shards, the already popular servers became overloaded thanks to the influx of new players ready to give free to play a try, as well as the returning […]

Xsyon Trial Server Now Open

Hey folks, remember Xsyon? Yes, it is still up and running and doing just fine. Up until now if you wanted to try Xsyon you had to buy the game and pay the subscription fee. The rules are simple: You can play as long as you want, and do pretty much whatever you want. The […]

TERA Launches With Strong 7-Day Trial

When you launch your game with both a client cost and a subscription, gathering new customers after the initial rush of early adopters can get pretty hard. In recent years, level-based trials with no time limit have replaced the one to two week trials of the past. Another hard wall that developers have faced in […]

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