Stadia: ESO Players To Transfer To PC Client

Hope y’all have a gaming PC.

Today’s piece is dedicated to Chris of Rockville, Maryland, because Chris is probably the only person who needs to hear this information. With the impending closure of Stadia people have been left wondering what is going to happen to their accounts for various online titles. An answer we didn’t have because Google gave absolutely no forward warning to the developers themselves, their employees, or anyone else. As developers stumble over each other trying to come up with a solution, ZeniMax Studios has finally come forward with plans for Elder Scrolls Online and its presumably single player who used Stadia. That’d be Chris.

In an announcement posted today, ESO revealed that Stadia players will be able to transfer their accounts to PC. Suitable since they are already playing on PC servers. More information to come.

A message to our ESO Stadia players:

"Since the news of Stadia shutting down, Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online Studios have been discussing next steps for our Elder Scrolls Online Stadia players and we appreciate your patience.  

We are happy to share that our Stadia players will be able to transfer their ESO accounts to PC, bringing with them all of their progress, including but not limited to existing characters, purchased items, achievements, and inventory. Since Stadia players already play ESO on our PC servers, all of their friends and guilds will be waiting for them once they complete the transfer.  

We will have more information on how to do this soon, so please stay tuned."

That means you, Chris.

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