Legends of Aria To Get Delisted This Month

As part of the relaunch.

Editor’s note: As a courtesy to Moonglow Games, MMO Fallout has updated their studio name from the previous Reaper Games. Some of the jokes may no longer make sense in the context of the new studio.

When Legends of Aria announced that they would be relaunching as a play to earn blockchain title, the first thing I noted was that the game would no longer be welcome on Steam. Due to Valve’s policy of banning blockchain games. Well that time is coming sooner rather than later, as the folks at Moonglow Games announced via the game’s Discord that it will be pulled from Steam at the end of this month. Moonglow Games founder Joseph Rubin said the following;

Hey all, as we prepare for our upcoming relaunch, we will be consolidating the Legends of Aria Classic service, which includes delisting it from Steam (at the end of this month). For those that are still accessing the game via Steam, we’ll share details shortly on how you can access your account using the client on legendsofaria.com. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your support! Thanks!!

So those of you still playing the game on Steam (all dozen of you as of this publishing) will be detailed on where to go next once the game is removed.

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