Impressions: Kritika’s Gear Embarrassment

It sucks.

Kritika Global sucks, and I think I’ve pinpointed why it sucks. It’s the loot, stupid. For a game whose entire gameplay loop centers around killing things and looting things, Kritika Global messes up the fundamental idea of getting loot and I’m 80% confident that they do it on purpose. To sell me things.

I got fed up playing Kritika Global because of my character’s pension for getting killed in two hits by most enemies on the board as well as taking 75% damage in a single shot by most end-level bosses. My warrior, a class generally assumed to be battle hardy and tough, getting killed in two hits by pretty much everyone on the mission. And why? The game doesn’t give me warnings about being too low geared to go into dungeons like it did at the start. I should be ready for them.

It’s because at level 28 my warrior is still sporting gear at level 15. Why? Because in 13 levels there are gear slots that I never obtained new items for. Because Kritika Global’s gear loot sucks. Normally games tend to swing your loot pool toward equipment your character is actually able to use. Kritika does the exact opposite, leading to nine out of every ten pieces of gear that I acquire not being usable by my class. I went through five dungeons without getting a single usable piece of equipment. And that’s not even counting that Kritika Global drops gear at a much lower pace than Kritika Reboot did. I was constantly cleaning my inventory out in Kritika Reboot. Here it’s not even a thought.

The motivation seems obvious; Kritika Global sells instant respawns at 30 cents apiece. Why not tool the game in a way that players die effectively instantly when hit so they lay down a few dollars here and there? Especially if you do it at the boss so they don’t want the run to go to waste? Why not shower them in gear that their class can’t use so they are incentivized to spend $50 on alt characters to share it around? Why not indeed.

But what did I expect?

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