Follow Up: Souldiers Promises Fairness

Coming by June 23.

Souldiers is a game on Steam that I played. If you want a summary on my review, it’s a game with promise that is sadly marred by all kinds of balancing issues that make it rather frustrating to play through. While my review regarded the game worse than many other outlets, the general feel of the community seems to be erring toward my side of things and Souldiers currently sits at a 49% mixed rating on Steam.

The good news is that the folks at Retro Forge are working on addressing these complaints. In an update posted earlier today, Retro Forge announced that a new build of the game will be up by June 23 making some sweeping changes based on player feedback addressing fairness, balance, and critical bugs.

There are several important changes coming to the game, addressing fairness and balance issues, as well as critical bugs – looking at you corrupted save – and more. While we can’t share a definitive changelog today, rest assured we are 100% committed to bringing you the challenging but fair experience we have always aimed for.

MMO Fallout was provided a copy of Souldiers to review. This news piece was not part of the coverage nor was I asked to cover it or made aware of this post by the developer.

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