Abandonware The Exiled Yanked From Steam

After years of scamming users.

The Exiled was a scam game on Steam thanks to at least four years of the developer’s fraudulent commentary on the game’s store page. Launched into early access in February 2017, The Exiled is a hardcore PvP game focused around grinding massive amounts of resources and crafting better gear to grind more resources. Development was effectively abandoned following the launch of 1.5 in October of the same year, The Exiled failed pretty much immediately out of the gate as nobody wanted to play yet another content-devoid gankbox.

The Exiled had a lot of stupid ideas, like when the developers made the servers only available three hours out of the day, or put limits on solo players to level up, or locking people out after [x] amount of deaths. Ultimately the game’s population quickly became the only clan and its three members hunting down any solo players who happened to download the trial.

Not that abandonment stopped Fairytale Distillery from attempting to swindle unsuspecting users with $80 DLC long past the point where the servers were barely ever working. It also didn’t stop them from keeping up their early access statement promising continued work that they knew they would never provide. A scam, as we call it in the biz. The good news is that Steam has apparently seen fit to forcibly retire the game and its DLC. Sure it’s about five years after the developer up and dropped out, but it’s a change nonetheless.

More news on Fairytale Distillery’s next game when they release it never.

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