Diaries From Fortnite: Reality Tree Edition

I’m an addict.

Even though I know how much my readersĀ love when I talk about Fortnite here, I try to keep these editorials to a minimum out of respect for those who absolutely hate my Fortnite posts. Anyway, I’ve been playing a lot of Fortnite since the last season dropped last week, and one of my new favorite mechanics in the game are the reality trees.

Reality trees, if you haven’t been playing the game, are seeds that you can plant around the map that grow into trees. Go figure. The idea of reality trees is that they persist between matches, meaning you can throw down a tree in an obscure spot you’re familiar with and then drop there to get a starting arsenal of weapons and shield potions each match. Since every other character potentially has a tree somewhere on the map, it also means you’re never too far away from decent loot.

It’s another one of those changes that Epic experiments with to bridge the massive skill gap that exists in this game. For players who find the process of grabbing loot in the early game to be one of the big impediments, this is a godsend. It’s also a massive source of experience, as every tree contains three fruit and every fruit gives you roughly 2k experience. And you can pick the fruits of other player’s trees, offering a bounty of experience if you find a group of them.

I’ve also been hard at work on the Snap character, this season’s customizable thing. Every season Epic offers some kind of customizable object that asks you to pick up stuff in the wild. They also seem to alternate each season on how to obtain it, either as open world drops or through actual gameplay. Last season’s currency was a combination of finding in the world and completing weekly missions.

One thing that keeps me coming back to Fortnite is that there’s so much in the game that has nothing to do with shooting other players. You can do missions, fish, grind bounties/milestones, and do a bunch of other crap and at the end of the day feel like you’ve done something even if you got yeeted multiple times by other players. It’s a game I never feel bad about losing because I didn’t set out with victory in mind.

Until next time.

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