Diaries From Eden Eternal: Vidjama Gmaes

It’s a work of art, really.

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Diaries From The Fortnite: Chapter 4 Incursion

Chapter 4 week one roundup.

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Diaries From Space Punks: This Sucks

One of the worst new player experiences ever.

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Diaries From Fortnite: Reality Tree Edition

I’m an addict.

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Diaries From V Rising: Vampire Farmer

I’m a vampire man.

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Diaries From Anacrusis: Idiot Sandwich

I’d like people to leave me alone.

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Diaries From New World: The Suck Extends

The endless trash.

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Diaries From Broken Ranks: Busted Jank

Feel a whole spectrum of feelings.

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Diaries From Haven Island: Mortal Online 2

The second Mortal Online.

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Diaries From Shadow Arena: Passing Time With Bots

The game might be dead but I’m having fun?

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