Diaries From The Fortnite: Chapter 4 Incursion

Chapter 4 week one roundup.

Fortnite is back baby. It never left, but it’s back. Chapter 4 of Fortnite kicked off this last week and boy howdy is it a doozy. Sure Chapter 3 ended with quite possibly the most boring event, but by golly did Chapter 4 kick off with a bang and a lot of changes.

The most obvious change this season is the new island. Artemis is gone sadly after only one season and has been replaced with Asteria. Asteria is a crazy new island that is relatively less vertical than Artemis was during its last season, but still has a ton of new stuff to check out. Visually the game has been upgraded to the impressive Unreal 5.1 engine adding in new effects and lighting and it just looks great overall.

Mechanically quite a bit of the game has been overhauled. Hurdling now allows players to automatically jump over low obstacles, and as the game progresses you slowly obtain more augments that grant varying levels of benefits. Personally I like the ability to slowly regain health while hiding in bushes. None of the augments are particularly overpowered, although the slow growth of balloons adds a very different dynamic.

Battle Pass is looking good, and I managed to hit level 21 this week. I am not particularly looking forward to the weeks to come, as it appears that weekly missions while more rewarding (possibly, I haven’t really run the numbers) are going to expire after the week is up meaning you can’t stack them like prior seasons. The story also doesn’t seem to be too relevant here, as the next part of the series doesn’t start until 40 days from now. Assuming there isn’t another category of missions to continue the plot each week.

Regardless, Fortnite feels a lot more broken this season. I’ve had more issues connecting to games than any time I can remember, with the servers just flat out breaking much of the time. Maybe I just need to reinstall the game to get a fresh clean version.

Have you played the Fortnite?

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