Diaries From Eden Eternal: Vidjama Gmaes

It’s a work of art, really.

MMO relaunches regularly have me pulling a James Rolfe and wondering “what were they thinking?” But Eden Eternal is one of those games I expect some of our readers might go back to for a week or so to relive those nostalgic days before moving on and going back to those fun fresh and funky games that came out within the last few years.

The biggest thing I noticed about Eden Eternal’s relaunch is that the game has been wholly passed over by gold farmers. Which is good. I think what most of us hope for out of a game like this is that it releases with a small but sustainable community of players. There were a healthy amount of people running around and actually playing the game and the chat has a generally positive vibe to it.

Like I said, Eden Eternal’s launch is confusing. They seem to have stripped out a good amount of the grind by reducing quest kill counts to 1-2 for most monsters and making it so every enemy you kill adds about 10% to your experience bar. I’m not sure if this was meant to endear the game to a new casual crowd, but boy howdy have they aimed for very casual.

The end result has been players complaining that there’s basically nothing to do, since the level cap in the relaunch is currently set at 40 and you can blow through that in no time at all in MMO terms. Even considering that the game lets you roll every class on a single character, and there’s a fair number of classes to grind, the grind isn’t that big at all.

Eden Eternal is probably coming to Steam and X-Legends for whatever they’re worth is the kind of publisher that seems to fight tooth and nail to not shut games down that they are publishing, even if it’s running on a shoestring budget in maintenance mode. So at the very least I have some confidence that Eden Eternal will still be here in a year or two even if the server counts only get into the low triple digits.

The cash shop sucks about as much as you’d expect from Eden Eternal, with stat boosts and stat-boosting cosmetic gear. There are visual glitches and the controls aren’t fantastic. Ultimately it’s exactly the kind of jank-ass Korean free to play MMO that nothing in it should be particularly surprising.

Looking forward to playing more Eden Eternal.

One thought on “Diaries From Eden Eternal: Vidjama Gmaes”

  1. I tried playing it when it launched, but I was very turned off by that feature (which I understand is a buff that expires at level 21 or something) which when you click on a quest objective it offers you to teleport you. I remember previously it was Auto-Run rather than full blown teleport.

    I find this teleport thing very much like a feature out of a shallow and mediocre excuse for a mobile MMORPG and it also feels like it’s disconnecting me from the world. I would much prefer if it was Aut-Run instead so I can get a better feel of the zone I’m in as a major part of playing a MMORPG for me is enjoying the visuals. And if I’m getting teleported around, I can’t get a good grasp of the zone.

    Also it makes it feel like the game is shoving you and forcing you to level as fast as possible this way by saving you travelling time. The stupid thing about it is that leveling in the game is already too easy and unchallenging as it is and this makes the game feel really pointless.

    First impressions are very important and for me this version of Eden Eternal is not good. I was hoping they, as the original developers, to make some improvements to the client, like adding Borderless Window mode or some performance enhancements, but there seems to be none of that. There is a private server called Eden Eternal Vendetta which I think is better than this one.

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