Web3 Battle Royale Game GRIT Is Out

Fight over NFTs like the cowboys did.

GRIT is out, for all of you who were waiting for a Web3/blockchain/NFT based Battle Royale game set in the old west. I’m sure there’s at least one of you out there. Maybe even one of the devs.

Available on the Epic Games Store (since Steam does not allow Web3 games to be published), the game has players keeping pace with a steadily moving safe zone while they kill their opponents and try not to get shot in the face. Like Fortnite but not like Fortnite at all.

Venture across the frontier and face off against gangs of gunslingers and the deadly Calamity in solo, duo, and squad showdowns. Every game of GRIT is different – The Eye of the Calamity swirls towards a speeding train, golden horse, or legendary lost crown. Bargain with the Devil and surrender your soul to quickly gain items, travel long distances, and other unholy acts.

On the other hand it’s free. This is a Web3 game so you’ll want to enable some form of two-factor authentication given these games are big targets for financial criminals.

There are no reviews available as Epic Games Store barely allows customer reviews, and nobody has reviewed the game on Metacritic either. It is also unknown how many concurrent users are online since Epic doesn’t hand that information out either.

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